2018 Submissions

Final w.i.p Trance Song
pennies Trance Song
Sakura os1 Experimental Song

2017 Submissions

Kuro w.i.p 1 Experimental Song
Gorilla Experimental Song
Fantasy w.i.p 1 Dubstep Song
nexus Vr 2 Ambient Song
Slacker w.i.p 1 Drum N Bass Song
The Field w.i.p2 Dubstep Song
The Field w.i.p1 Dubstep Song
F.l.a.c.k Jacket w.i.p1 Dubstep Song
M.a.t.t w.i.p 1 Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
ENtice w.i.p 1 Drum N Bass Song
Noize glitch W.i.p Experimental Loop
S.o.d.a loop Techno Loop
Heavy 102 Heavy Metal Loop
Wolves vr 3 Experimental Song
S.kittlez W.i.p 2 Video Game Loop
Kos w.i.p 2 Dubstep Song
Time w.i.p 1 Dubstep Song
Y.u.p Loop Miscellaneous Loop
INside loop vr2 Video Game Loop
INside Loop Video Game Loop
Byte Chipstep Song
FaAck Rework navi w.i.p 1 Dubstep Song
Right No Ambient Song
Fin Fished w.i.p 1 Ambient Loop
BAss Test w.i.p 1 Ambient Song
HEY Navi Dubstep Song
W.a.m.u w.i.p 1 Techno Song
Adhd Reverb wip 1 Dubstep Loop
Pinner loop Ambient Loop
1 hour deep House Song
Farked Ambient Song
becope loop Dubstep Loop
Troncast w.i.p1 Techno Song
FreeFlow w.i.p1 Ambient Song
Wapup w.i.p1 Dubstep Song
Flip W.i.p 1 Dubstep Song
Bedum w.i.p 1 Dubstep Song
Chaos Fantasy Remix w.i.p 1 Drum N Bass Song
Testues w.i.p 1 Dubstep Song
S-yrum w.i.p 2 Dubstep Song
E.P.C w.i.p 1 Ambient Loop
B3gins w.i.p 2 Dubstep Song
Begins w.i.p1 Dubstep Loop
T-east w.i.p 1 Dubstep Loop
VoxFex Dubstep Song
The Epic w.i.p 2 loop Ambient Song
Bleep vr.3 Techno Song
Flow Rider w.i.p 2 Experimental Song
The Epic w.i.p 1 loop Classical Loop
LdA W.i.p Drum N Bass Song
Ultimate rock W.i.p Techno Loop
Five [w.i.p] House Song
the way things fall (w.i.p) House Song
Far cry from reality Trance Song
Arabian grinder V2 (club mix) Dance Song
- AG ( arabian Grinder) Trance Song
-Ra=ve- (w.i.p) Techno Song
-Ticker- Trance Song
Ameno (true mix) Trance Song
-Ameno remix (short version) Trance Song
-Funk M- Trance Song
flying w.i.p Trance Song
-Control- (W.i.p) House Song
Insecto (short Vr.) Industrial Song
Massive (w.i.p) Trance Song
WaTch ver.2 Industrial Song
WaTch (w.i.p) Industrial Song
hRDGEN(w.i.p) Trance Song
Debil Crunch (w.i.p) Trance Song

2008 Submissions

Gaurdian angel w.i.p Industrial Song
-Deadland- Trance Song
Open season (incomplete) Trance Song
-Lex- (w.i.p) Trance Song
Compsition X Trance Song
-moon fall- [trance mix] Trance Song
-Moon fall- Trance Song
HBC: coder version House Song
Hard brain cells House Song
Flying to the moon Remix Trance Song
-Happy feet- House Song
Tripp {demo} House Song
Jaws ( un mastered) House Song
AphexBrain Drum N Bass Loop
Export Triple A Techno Song
The fast style Drum N Bass Song
-Arfs- Trance Song
Popped Off House Song
-Daft soul- Trance Song
moons edge Trance Song
Jet Funk Trance Song
Psycho girl-digital remix Punk Song
Cold Night -short- demo Trance Song
Our Night Trance Song
28 DayS Miscellaneous Song
-Timed Run-{demo} Trance Song
Tetris remix [incomplete] Video Game Song
funky flick [demo] Drum N Bass Song
-Dtune hop- {short} Hip Hop - Modern Song
-HarDon- House Song
Bad B [demo] House Loop
Selector House Song
Weejii Dance Song
Harsh loop Industrial Loop
3rd osc [demo] Trance Song
classic bag rock demo Grunge Song
DnB godsend Drum N Bass Song
Raver Brain House Song
-Re-intact- Trance Song
Re-Intact (demo) Trance Song
-Waves- Ambient Loop
Unfinished Hardstyle song House Loop
Warm ice Trance Song
left foot first demo House Loop
Furevolver Ambient Song
Trance gabber House Song
Trance baby [demo] Ambient Song
-Trance shuffle- Trance Song
-Hard stylin- Industrial Song
-Master shake- House Song
-dirty rave- House Song
-Crunchy Seaweed- Industrial Loop
-Ravin Fox- Trance Song
-Dream harmonics- Trance Song
-Rough Saw- House Song

2007 Submissions

-Tripping verbs- Trance Song
-Ab0ve the cl0uds- Trance Song
-Decadent- Techno Song
-Atlas- Ambient Song
-Phased demo- Trance Song
-Zozozo- Industrial Song
-Suck my benny buns- House Song
-Electro Phase- Drum N Bass Loop
fruity love Ambient Loop
-mononoke- remix Trance Song
-neverfinished- TT^TT House Loop
-OMG- dnb Drum N Bass Song
-hard tempered- Drum N Bass Loop
-Yarr- Techno Song
-Duda- Ambient Loop
-Trick or treat- House Song
-No name brand- New Wave Song
-Bell Cries- (demo) New Wave Song
-Dinky Break- Industrial Song
-nastypete- (demo) Trance Song
-Grind my Teeth plz- House Loop
-Evol- Trance Song
-Orion- Trance Song
Parametric rock General Rock Loop
Unmanned Ambient Song
Ord demo General Rock Song
funk'n'da trunk Ambient Song
That song with a name.. Classical Song
Hard Amen Drum N Bass Song
Chunky DnB Drum N Bass Song
Dead Maus Hip Hop - Modern Song
Trance format Trance Song
Tectonic funk Funk Song
cerebral saw Techno Song
beginning of the End revamped Ambient Song
End of the line-revamped Ambient Song
minority Hip Hop - Olskool Song
demo hardhouse House Song
f*cked funk House Song
Hip-hop loop Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Simple beatz Drum N Bass Loop
tweak Trance Song
Flower base House Song
Power For Trance Trance Song
Atecky Drum N Bass Song
second automation Trance Song
sorcer Industrial Song
Pokemon remix Video Game Song
Pokemon movie theme remix Grunge Song
phat guitar General Rock Loop

2006 Submissions

Deep garage Funk Funk Song